How much time should I sterilize my room?

It depends on the size of the room. Our recommendation is 15 mins for 105 ft²,30 mins for 215 ft², and 60 minutes for 450 ft².

Does Aura™ Light 2.0 kill COVID-19 and other viruses?

Yes, UVC light destroys the ADN of the viruses, including COVID-19. The UV light is frequently used to disinfect hospitals.

Is the UV Light or Ozone harmful to people, pets or plants?

Yes, but only if you stay in the same room with the lamp while it is working. If you stay away for the duration of the sanitation and if you ventilate the room for the ozone to dissipate, then it is completely safe. Safety measures are very very important, so please stay out of the room while the UVC lamp is working, otherwise it may cause serious skin or eye burns.

Is Ozone safe to breathe?

Not really, high amounts of ozone can cause lung damage, so make sure you ventilate the room after the disinfection is over. Do not stay in the room until you feel that the Ozone smell has disappeared.

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